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Application of Carbohydrazide

Carbohydraizde (Hydrazine Carbonate, H2NNHCONHNn2, CHZ for short) is an important chemical raw material. It has a wide range of uses in industry. It can be used as a deoxidizer for boiler water and a passivator for metal surfaces in water treatment. It can also be used as a deoxidizer for boiler water and metal surface passivation. The components of rocket propellant, color developing and preventing soap from discoloration and deterioration, stabilizer and rubber antioxidant, etc. In the chemical fiber industry, it can be used as a crosslinking agent for elastic fibers. At the same time, because Carbohydrazide is a derivative of hydrazine, it has strong reducing properties, and the hydrogen atom connected to the nitrogen atom in its molecule is easily replaced by other groups. Therefore, Carbohydrazide is an important chemical industry center. It can be used in medicine, herbicides, plant growth regulators, dyes and other industries.


1. Boiler water deoxidizer

2. Neutral corrosion inhibitor

3. Resin finishing agent. In the resin finishing of textiles, carbohydrazide can be used as a trapping agent for formaldehyde. In an acidic medium, carbohydrazide reacts with formaldehyde to form an adduct, which is then dehydrated and polymerized. Therefore, it is an irreversible reaction and will not release formaldehyde. In addition, textiles treated with carbohydrazide have a high affinity for acid dyes, that is, the fabric is easy to be colored, wrinkles are reduced, and the product has good corrosion resistance and durability.

4. Chemical intermediates. It can be used in medicine, herbicide, plant growth regulator, dye and other industries.

Application of Carbohydrazide