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Application of AC Foaming agent

The excellent properties of AC foaming agent are widely used in various fields: coaxial cables, CCP cables, high-density polyethylene, multi-pair metal communication cables and other insulating materials; mainly used in polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride , Neoprene, butyl rubber, polyamide, natural rubber, ABS rubber, epoxy resin, etc. normal pressure or pressure foaming, as well as polyvinyl chloride artificial leather, wallpaper, PE, PVC, PP cross-linked high foam products, Molding and processing of high-foaming polymer materials such as EPDM windshield and other rubber products; flour modifier and fumigant formulations, which can be used in greenhouses, indoors, manure tanks, etc. in farmland; airbag production agents, etc.

1. Reduce composite density of material. After the bubbles in the foaming system are nucleated, as long as there is enough gas to diffuse into the nucleated cells, the cells will continue to increase, thereby reducing the density of the material.

2. AC foaming agent reduces the sensitivity of viscosity to temperature: The gas generated by AC foaming agent reduces the resistance of continuous movement and reduces the activation energy of fluid, so that the sensitivity of viscosity to temperature is reduced.

3. With the increase in the amount of AC foaming agent, the hardness of the material can be reduced, and the heat shrinkage can be intensified.

4. AC foaming agent acts as a nucleating agent, similar to throwing crushed ice into water. When a small amount of bubbles are formed, it will use this as the core to initiate the formation of bubbles of similar size.

Application of AC Foaming agent