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Application of Hydrazine hydrate

Hydrazine hydrate is also called Hydrazine Monohydrate. The pure product is a colorless and transparent oily liquid with a light ammonia smell. It smokes in moist air and has strong alkalinity and hygroscopicity. Under normal pressure, hydrazine can form an azeotrope with water (the content of hydrazine in the azeotrope is about 69%). Generally, 40%-80% hydrazine hydrate aqueous solution or hydrazine salt is used in industry. Hydrazine hydrate liquid exists in the form of dimers, miscible with water and ethanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform; it can corrode glass, rubber, leather, cork, etc., and decompose into N2, NH3 and H2 at high temperature; hydrazine hydrate is reducible Very strong, reacts violently with halogens, HNO3, KMnO4, etc., can absorb CO2 in the air and produce smoke. Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives products are widely used in many industrial applications, as reducing agents, antioxidants, for preparing medicines, foaming agents, etc.

As an important fine chemical raw material, hydrazine hydrate is mainly used to synthesize AC, D1PA, TSH and other blowing agents; it is also used as a cleaning agent for deoxygenation and carbon dioxide removal in boilers and reactors; it is used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce anti-corrosion agents. Tuberculosis and anti-diabetic drugs; used in the pesticide industry to produce herbicides, plant growth regulators and sterilization, insecticide, and rodenticide; in addition, it can also be used to produce rocket fuel, diazo fuel, rubber additives, etc. Since 2013, the application field of hydrazine hydrate has continued to expand.

Hydrazine hydrate can be used directly as:

1. Used as an anti-corrosion additive for circulating water in thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.

2. Deoxidizer for water used in industrial boilers and high-pressure steam furnaces. Hydrazine hydrate is a kind of deoxidizer, which can reduce the dissolved oxygen in the water, and is used to further remove the residual trace dissolved oxygen after the boiler feed water is thermally deoxygenated. Because the dissolved oxygen in the feed water will cause corrosion of the boiler tube wall. Adding hydrazine hydrate to the boiler feed water can not only deoxidize, but also prevent the formation of iron scale and copper scale in the boiler.

Hydrazine hydrate is a highly efficient reducing agent, which can synthesize the following products:

1. Blowing agent: Azocarboxamide (such as sodium azide used in the production of inner tubes).

2. The synthesis of biologically active intermediates in agrochemical products and pharmaceutical products requires the formation of triazole first.

3. Azo initiator

4. Various other products: some specific organic pigment products for dyes, reagents for photography, urethane and acrylic products, and cyanobromic acid products.

Application of Hydrazine hydrate